Young Leaders Committee

Our Purpose
Our purpose is to promote and develop careers in the commercial real estate industry, to network within a peer group, to increase industry awareness to local students and future professionals, and to promote membership within the association.
Breakfast – industry leaders speak to Young Leaders
Exchange – “speed-dating” style networking
Forums – informal topics with collaborative group discussion
Scholarship – promote and award scholarships as they are available
Trivia Night – social event for all members
What We Do
Establish a mutually beneficial relationship with members’ companies to establish integration of programs, events and overall membership
Facilitate access for individuals to meet key executives, develop mentors and a peer network that can assist in development of careers
Plan, develop and implement program
Organize speakers
Recruit and organize volunteers
Promote participation
Committee Makeup
Open to Allied and Principal Members, 35 years of age or under
Maintains ratio of 50% Principal Members
Director, Young Leaders
Carman Torre, McCarthy Cook & Co.
Co-Chairs, Breakfasts
Hannah Harris, Greenlaw Management
1 Co-Chair Position Open (Allied or Principal Member)
Co-Chairs, Power Hour
Rowena Marquez, Greenlaw Management
1 Co-Chair Position Open (Allied Principal Member)
Co-Chairs, Social Events
Victoria Hunt, Irvine Company Office Properties
1 Co-Chair Position Open (Allied or Principal Member)
Co-Chairs, Executive Leadership Workshop
Brett DePue, Mastercare
1 Co-Chair Position Open (Allied or Principal Member)
Co-Chairs, Scholarship & Public Relations
Allson Beck, LBA Realty
1 Co-Chair Position Open (Allied or Principal Member)